Monday, February 02, 1998

To: Chema Prado
From: Bob Rafelson
Date: February 2, 1998
Dear Chema,
A young friend of mine, Tao Ruspoli (I think a godson), arrives in Madrid today knowing little about the country. He's 21, has been working for Vittorio Storaro, plays extraordinary Flamenco guitar, and he's brilliant and fun. He know much about cinema.
Please Chema, try to make time to invite him to the cinematheque. I think you would enjoy meeting him. He's in Spain mostly to continue his Flamenco studies.
He'll call.
P.S. Tao is also a friend of Brenardo's, and many other people we know.
Attn: Concha Oncina- Should Chema be away, would you be so kind as to welcome Tao.

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