Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Being in the World Podcast 001

Monday, February 10, 2020

Epic Jam with Keren Botaro

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Alex Ebert: Hands Up official video directed by Tao Ruspoli

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Tao's guide to Bombay Beach

When I take people to see Bombay Beach for the first time, this is the route I take, and these are the key sights to see (You can walk all this in 2-3 hours. I suggest timing it to be at the beach at sunset and having drinks at the Ski Inn soon after:)

When you first enter town, you will see The Last Resort on the corner of 1st and A. This is the future site of what will be Stefan's very unusual hotel one day. Until then, enjoy the 4 epic billboards:

Continue down Ave. A, towards the water, and pass the Ski Inn (this will be our last stop, at the end of the tour.) 

The next stop is Joe Regan's Bomb Shelter, on A just after 4th. You'll see a big yellow trailer with red paint on it. Wander in. The last 3 times I was there, Joe was there working. If you find him there, say hello. 

Head over to D and up 2nd to check out BBAC (Bombay Beach Arts and Culture,) and behold the Da Vinci Fish:

Next, take 2nd over to E, make a right and check out The Bombay Beach Drive In (on E between 3rd and 4th)

Go back up to 3rd between E and F, check out The Bombay Beach Polaroid Museum (2144 3rd St. just before F.) It is always open. There is also a show in the shack in the back. 

Just to the left of the Polaroid Museum is another great installation, Dream Demon...wander around carefully (as the sign warns, NOT A SAFE SPACE.)

Continue down 3rd, on the left between F and G, 2 intersecting shipping containers are Dadaonysus' Temple to the Scientific Method. If open, wander in and say hi.

On the corner of 3rd and G, if the door to the yellow garage is open, pop your head in and say hi to Stefanie and her partner. They've made a great garden here:

A bit farther down 3rd on the left (between G and H) you'll see Kenny Scharf's Toy House:

Turn right on H and head down to 5th (If you're in a hurry, see Randy Polumbo's Lodestar, at 1st and H, and Angler Grove, H between 3rd and 4th now, but if you have time, save these for last, as they are spectacular and best experienced in lower light.) 

At 5th and H is my little corner of the world...on the left you'll see the Zigzag house, with Scott Fitzel's brilliant Water Molecube on top, and which houses a great exhibit by Robert Stivers. Contact me and I'll let you know if you can go inside.

Across the street from the Zigzag is The Bombay Beach Institute of Particle Physics, Metaphysics, and International Relations. Wander around the garden and into the various trailers, each of which houses some great photography exhibits.

Make your way to the back of the Institute, check out the great mirror sculpture, go up the big scaffolding, and then into the abandoned little house on the right, and The Asylum on the left (which houses a photo exhibit of the criminally insane by Robert Mack.)

Emerge onto G street, turn right and check out Sotheby's International Reality:

Cross G Street and explore all the exhibits in the Bombay Beach Estates, encompassing the entire lower half block along 5th St. between F and G.

Head back to E and see the Opera House and The Foundation Foundation (E between 4th and 5th)

Cross over the berm and onto the beach side for sunset and look at The Tesseract, The Shipwreck, and other great sculptures. Walk out to the water (don't drive...you will get stuck out there.) Enjoy the doorway and the swing set.

After dark, go to Lodestar:

and Angler Grove (no pics...this one you should be surprised by...DON'T MISS IT):

Head to the Ski Inn for drinks and dinner (if it's before 7pm--no food after that.)

Please help us have all of these places added to Google Maps so future visitors can find more easily.

Oh, and this music video I directed for Alex Ebert features a lot of the great art in Bombay, especially Alex Andre's mirror sculpture. 

PS: This map from the 2018 Biennale is not totally up to date, but may be helpful: