Tuesday, September 20, 2005



Anonymous said...

I love this photo, it has a fantasy quality to it.

Did you shoot it from the pool?

Anonymous said...

What brought you to Casa Sol de Oriente?

Tao Ruspoli said...

1)No, I shot from a lawn under the pool
2)I'm a friend of Gian Franco's and there was a wedding...how do you know careyes?

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful photo..it's like an art postcard..beautifully glossy

Anonymous said...

I go to Careyes all the time.

Do you know Viviana and Diego?

I just started working on a book about Marco Aldaco who designed Mi Ojo and is designing the house which will replace the Club Med so expect to be there even more than usual in the coming year.

Your photography is exceptional.


Anonymous said...

Very simple yet exceptionally stunning!

Anonymous said...

Marvellous setting... I love the subject's pose.