Friday, February 10, 2006

Welcome Counterpunchers!

Here is a portrait I did of Alexander Cockburn...Jeffrey St. Clair's, "more Pynchon-like", will cost a lot more, as will Becky Grant's and Deva Wheeler's.

All photos are for sale: large (13x19), signed archival prints. Email taoruspoli [at] for details.

Everyone else, make sure to visit It tells the facts and names the names!


Anonymous said...

Tao dude, you gotta come to vancouver, especially right now, the air is so clear and theres no clouds in the sky. Get some great pics of the mountains or of the city. You'd love it dude i swear. Pack warms clothes tho, kinda chilly haha.

Le Magnifique said...

So good to see the face behind the words - thank you

Anonymous said...

He is Olivia's uncle... Great photo by the way!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Tao, check this out.
Your "photoshoped" photos.¤t=40p.jpg