Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Hello friends, today my dog is up for election to be the next Old Navy
He is in the last 6, after beating out 120,000 other really cute dogs.

He is a rescue mutt who was found starving in the back of a Uhaul truck,
after his mother was killed by animal control. Now, 2 years later, he
is kindest, coolest dog I've ever known.

Please log on to the site below and vote for Paco, the white shaggy pup (the free spirit.)

If he wins the prize money ($10,000) we are giving half of it to dog
rescues here in L.A, and the other half to training his "special"
little sister, Lola the Bulldog, who really demonstrates the benefits
of NOT buying from a breeder.

Tell your friends! Paco is the underdog, and he needs you!


Anonymous said...

aawww Paco is so cute...clearly THE dog to pick :)

oohhh and an old navy coupon to boot...niiicceee

Anonymous said...

Paco is so cute, so cute, so cute, I hope he wins (or he's won already? Ooopsssss always in another planet...):-P :-P :-P

Anonymous said...

I saw the Old Navy ballot before I came across your post a week later. The dog that I thought was the cutest was the shaggy white one and lo and behold! it's your dog!! wow, what a small world. i really think that Paco deserves to win.