Monday, July 31, 2006


I'm back in LA for a week, preparing for the 2006 LAFCO Cross Country tour (we will be driving the bus from Venice to Brooklyn.) Today I took these pictures of our great friend Diana:

Lola, justifiably jealous of Paco's sudden celebrity status, insisted on having her picture taken as well:

Later in the evening, I found myself at a small party at Beau Garrett's house. The theme was "watermellon, underwear, and sandwiches."

more photos from this wonderful day can be found on my life blog.


BRIZZ said...

Beautiful work as always. Congrats to Paco!! Lola looks adorable in her pic on the couch :) Have a fun/safe cross country drive!! (come say hi if you happen to stop in Utah) lol!

Anonymous said...

Lola looks heartbroken in that pict, what's wrong with Paco? He's leaving her all alone? After all these! She loves him.

blurp blurp blurp

Anonymous said...

Hey, Tao! Good luck with the party tomorrow!!!!

Tao Ruspoli said...

baby, you ain't seem nothin' yet:)