Sunday, February 25, 2007

New York Skyline Timelapse

by Tao Ruspoli


Anonymous said...

Hi Tao!! What's up? I just wanted to say that i love your art.. those photographs are all beautiful.
I'm from Argentina, and I think you would really love it here. Specially in Patagonia..
I'm studying architecture and I'll probably also start some photography lessons...
Bye! Take care :]

p.s: Say hi to Olivia!!

BRIZZ said...

Fantastic Tao. Love this, especially towards the end where the color starts to fade in. Music goes great with the effects. Thank you for sharing your talents with the world.


Unknown said...

Um efeito magnífico de grande beleza.
No entanto fico feliz por na realidade os barcos não parecerem TGVs e as nuvens pairarem de forma a se poder desfrutar a sua beleza.
A velocidade e a forma como a luz ilumina alternada e aleatóriamente os edifícios relembra-nos como é efémera a vida.
Carpe diem

I thougth as you are italian (rigth?) you wouldnt mind me writing in portuguese. but if it's a problem please say so.