Monday, March 26, 2007

Traveling around the world in 28 days

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Anonymous said...

i know this is probably really rude to ask but i just read that olivia will be doing an off broadway play in june and well :-[ i'm a pretty big fan of hers and i was just wondering if she will be around after the show to meet the fans/sign autographs like some actors in the plays do. i'll definitely go regardless but i was just wondering so i know ahead of time. thanks and i'm sorry for doing this but i figured this was the only way to get a legit answer.

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

What a fantastic picture of your beautiful wife!! I simply love your work, they show all the beauty of Olivia. You guys are a wonderful couple and perfect match.g

※OSIM※ said...

Hi Tao!! I found your photos on and I think that they are gorgeous. I really want to be such a good photographer just like you! Right now, Im just young (16) graphic designer :) (I hope so...) and I really want to know your feeling about my works. So just check or leave me mail on ... Thanks so much... And by the way say to Olivia that she was perfect in Alpha Dog! :) thats all... bye bye

Anonymous said...

hi:) my name is anouk
your site really looks amazing, those pictures are georgous
i wanted to ask you if i may use some pictures for a blend from Olivia (i've got a fansite about Olivia)

i will credit you at my page
and your work is incrdible :)
if you don't want it you can mail me

and thank you and olivia for being such an inspiration ;)

xoxo anouk