Thursday, August 18, 2011

Casting a Short Film

Mangusta Productions is casting an untitled seven- to 10-minute HD short which I will be directing. We are going to be shooting mid September.

The Sopranos meets Sex and the City in Venice Beach, California.

Melanie Marlow: female, mid-20s, blonde, beautiful but a little to thin, moves slowly, speaks calmly, always with a trace of boredom.

Lily: female, 20s, Asian or Latino, cute, excitable.

Gabriel: 20-30, African-American, quick tempered, by turns aggressive, arrogant and charming.

Tara: female, 20s, attractive, English accent.

Roberta: female, 70s, eccentric, disarming but calculating.

Nana: female, 20s, African-American, stylish, imposing, tough.

Jewelry Store Manager: male, middle-age, Caucasian, conservative, composed.

Police Officer: one male and one female.

First Auditions will be held by appt. only Aug. 20 in Hollywood. To schedule an audition appt. email pix  & resumés to kinomadic(at) Some pay, copy, credit, meals, and travel provided.


angeico said...

sounds like fun!

Angeles Almuna said...

I wish one day I'll have the opportunity to be in a film! ... good luck and have fun!